Organizers: Ben Smith (Event Director), Meghan Rance (Coach), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Robyn Rennie (Assistant), Brian Ellis (Assistant), Gene Beveridge (Assistant), Stan Woods (Assistant), Jordan McIntosh (Assistant), Dawn Lessowai (Assistant), Chris Benn (Assistant), Caoimhe Murray (Assistant), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Assistant), Alistair Howard (Assistant), Scott Muma (Assistant), Bruce Rennie (Assistant), John Rance (Assistant), Holly Hendrigan (Assistant), Mike Rascher (Assistant), Brian Ellis (Assistant), Marg Ellis (Assistant)

Latest updates

  • Mar 26 - most splits added to Attackpoint. UBC head-to-head splits and upload to Winsplits to follow.
  • Mar 26 - lost property - contact Ben to claim
    • Compass (left behind on Saturday)
    • Black and white toque
    • Child's blue Columbia jacket (claimed)
    • Child's blue Kathmandu jacket (claimed)
  • Mar 26 - photos from Sunday have been added to the album. If you also took photos, send me (Ben) a link and I'll add it here so others can see them.
  • Mar 25 - photos from Saturday can be viewed here
  • Mar 25 - start times for Sunday morning are available here. If you don't see your name in the start list, but think you should be running on Sunday, visit the download/registration desk before the race and we'll assign you a start time.
  • Mar 24 - click here to view live results for the weekend
  • Mar 23 - teams for the 2 person relay have been published. Don't worry if you don't know who your partner is - we'll introduce you before the race! Teams are subject to change if people can no longer run etc.
  • Mar 21 - final details have been sent out to competitors. If you didn't receive an email, contact bsmith(at)
  • Mar 17 - banquet is sold out! You can still register for the races, but you'll have to sort out your own dinner on Saturday night :)
  • Mar 16 - banquet tickets are nearly sold out. Register now to avoid disappointment!
  • Feb 6 - registration is now open! Click here to register, and click here to see who else is coming. Registration closes on March 20!
  • Jan 30 - registration will be opening soon! We've booked rooms for Friday and Saturday evenings, permits are on their way, and courses are being tested. Get excited - sprint camp is back!!!

Event information

GVOC are hugely excited to welcome everyone back for an in-person Sprint Camp in March 2023!

Sprint Camp is a full weekend of sprint races and trainings that we've been hosting since 2006. This year it will consist of:

  • 5 SI races
  • A relay race
  • 3 training sessions
  • A banquet with presentation

What course should I enter?

We offer two entry classes - "Elite" and "Expert".

  • Runners in the elite category will be competing for a prize purse of $1150 (top 5 men and top 5 women get payouts). Most courses will be 3-3.5km long, with expected winning times of 12-15 minutes.
  • Runners in the expert category will be competing for glory (and some delicious goods). These courses are the same navigational difficulty as the elite courses, but a bit shorter.

The weekend runs to a tight schedule - please only enter the elite category if you are usually capable of completing a sprint orienteering course in under 20 minutes.

Unfortunately Sprint Camp is not suitable for complete newcomers to orienteering. However, if you're able to get around the Wednesday Evening Training courses without too much drama, you should be fine with the expert courses!


Click here to register, and click here to see who else is coming.

Most people register for the full weekend, but we do accommodate single-day registrations for just the Saturday or Sunday.

Registration deadline is March 20.

Cost for the full weekend of races is $120. Half price for juniors. Half price if you're only attending one day.

Banquet tickets are $30.

GVOC is subsidising entry for Team Canada Program athletes - you will receive the discount code soon.


Detailed information will be emailed to competitors in the week leading up to the event. Here is an overview for people who need to make plans in advance.

  • Friday
    • Evening training session (map will be new to most people!)
    • We have a room booked at the False Creek Community Centre where you can leave your bags.
    • First start will be ~5:45pm. Everybody out of the room by 8:15pm.
    • You can pick up your map bag and SI stick (if renting) on either Friday night or Saturday morning before the first race.
  • Saturday
    • 2 SI races, 1 relay, 2 training sessions.
    • Generally in the west of Vancouver.
    • Banquet and presentation at UBC in the evening. Food served ~5:20pm; everybody out of the room by 7pm.
  • Sunday
    • 3 SI races, all at UBC.
    • Expect to finish at approx 2:30pm.

Course Maps

QE Park Expert

QE Park Elite

2-person relay

Jericho Expert

Jericho Elite

UBC Head-to-head Expert

UBC Head-to-head Elite

UBC Setup Expert

UBC Setup Elite

UBC Chase Expert

UBC Chase Elite


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