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    2023 membership

    Purchase your 2023 membership here! We are using a new membership registration system this year and the first thing it asks is for you to create a login to the software. We will be using this software for events as well so it will know who you are going forward and make it easier to register. If you face any issues or have feedback please let the team know at

    Please complete before your first event!

    COVID-19 Return To Sport Plan

    School Maps

    GVOC regrets that it is not accepting requests for School Maps at this time. Please check back in future.

    Welcome Newcomers!

    Learn Orienteering is a fantastic introduction the sport.

    GVOC is an active orienteering club in the Metro Vancouver area. We hold larger events once a month on a weekend day, and occasionally hold smaller, local events on Wednesday evenings.

    Orienteering is an exciting sport for all ages and fitness levels that involves reading a detailed map and using a compass to find checkpoints. Click here for more information about the sport.

    To get started, come to any event a few minutes early and we will give you a brief introduction. Then you can run or walk around all or part of a course, on your own or with someone else, so long as you're back no later than the "course close" time (so we know you're back safe). It's easy to learn and a lot of fun. All you need is some older clothing and footwear, in case the ground is a bit muddy.

    Please sign up on our website in advance - that way we know to print a map for you (but we always print a few spare maps too!).

    Membership must be done online at 2mev prior to participating in your first event and is good for the entire calendar year. Information about our super-low fees can be found here

    Wednesday evening events are free for members. They are usually held in local parks or urban area and use "pin flags" instead of electronic timing. A beginner's course is always offered and a more advanced course. If you come during the winter months, you'll need a headlamp or a flashlight.

    Weekend events are held once a month (usually on Sundays mornings) in larger parks around Metro Vancouver and have different course levels. There is an event fee of $10 per adult and $5 for juniors. We use "electronic timing" so you can see how well you did.

    "Mass" (group) start to an event

    We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia, and Orienteering BC.

    Orienteering BC