Next week's training event will be at BCIT! Sign up at the website now for your map, tune in closer to the date to find out where to meet at BCIT! Have fun out there -- and don't get lost ;)
Don't Forget to sign up for next week's WET in Olympic Village featuring FREE PIZZA at the AGM and the unveiling of new club clothing (with samples to try on!).
Breaking news! GVOC members that attend next week's AGM will get FREE pizza, coveted door prizes, and a special opportunity to see the new club clothing and try on samples! The WET will be held a bit earlier in Olympic Village, followed by the AGM in Creekside Community Center. Visit the event page to sign up for both the WET and AGM so we have enough maps and pizza!
Attila is one of the young residents of Acadia Park who tried out orienteering at our UBC URBAN LONG event. Here he proudly reaches the finish after having completed both the Beginner and Intermediate courses with his mother Ildi. Great job Attila and thanks for coming!
Lots of families and fun at the WJR yesterday at Acadia-UBC! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the newcomers.

Private Events

Interested in arranging a private Orienteering event for your organisation or as individuals? Please fill in this Google Form so we can see how GVOC can be involved.

School Maps

Interested in introducing orienteering as part of your school curriculum? Use this Google Form to see about getting a map made of your school grounds.

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Welcome Newcomers!

GVOC is an active orienteering club in the Metro Vancouver area. We hold local events every Wednesday evening, and larger weekend events monthly.

Orienteering is an exciting sport for all ages and fitness levels that involves reading a detailed map and using a compass to find checkpoints. Click here for more information about the sport.

To get started, come to any event a few minutes early and we will give you a brief introduction. Then you can run or walk around all or part of a course, on your own or with someone else, so long as you're back no later than the "course close" time (so we know you're back safe). It's easy to learn and a lot of fun. All you need is some older clothing and footwear, in case the ground is a bit muddy.

Please sign up on our website in advance - that way we know to print a map for you (but we always print a few spare maps too!). 

Membership is payable at the first event you attend each year and is good for the entire calendar year. Fees are: $10 for new members who have never orienteered before; $15 for Adults; $5 for Juniors under 20; $30 for family.

Wednesday evening events are free for members. A beginner's course is always offered and a more advanced course. If you come during the winter months, you'll need a headlamp or a flashlight.

Weekend events are held once a month (usually on Sundays mornings) in larger parks around Metro Vancouver and have different course levels. There is an event fee of $10 per adult and $5 for juniors. We use "electronic timing" so you can see how well you did.

"Mass" (group) start to an event

We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia