SPRINT, SPRINT, SPRINT, SPRINT, SPRINT... EVERYBODY!! Our FANTASTIC neighbours to the south Cascade Orienteering Club are gearing up to compete in the epic sprint showdown that is the Seattle Adventure Running Tournament (SART) where the winner is only ever... THE BRACKET!! Have you been inspired by the WOC sprints we've all been watching? Do you have a favourite local, national, or international nemesis that you would enjoy vying against? Then register here: Do not cry to Patrick Nuss if you miss out on one of those coveted 80 spots to test out your sprint orienteering skills. Remember... the first 20 juniors to register under the specific junior registration heading get a sweet deal so hurry up!!
WOC update from Orienteering Canada / Course d'orientation Canada: After a rest day WOC 2018 continues on Tuesday with the Middle Distance event in Sigulda. Canada has Jennifer MacKeigan from Whitehorse racing in the Women 4.8km, starting in 11th place. For the Men, Damian Konotopetz from Calgary/Winnipeg will start in 32nd place and run 5.9km. From Canadian Coach Raphael: To do well tomorrow, the runners will have to be decisive, and not get distracted by the vegetation. It looks like it will be divided between very flat parts and very steep sections. Nevin: We ran the Middle training today and I would call the woods a bit "scruffy", certainly not super open or anything like that. Visibility is low, and it is hard to open up your pace. Mistakes will certainly be made by all levels of WOC runners! There is great coverage on the Latvia WOC page for you to follow along!
GVOC's Graeme Rennie!! Well done and congrats to all the other Canadians runners in the Sprint! We look forward to watching the coming WCOC races :D Sprint recap from Orienteering Canada: Hello from Latvia and Canada’s World Championship Orienteering Team! This is Team Leader Nevin French and I’ll be updating on the Canadian team. Please follow the results: Most of the team have been in town for a few days, we’re staying in the Latvian town of Sigulda, about an hour outside of Riga. The first two Sprint days of World Champs are in Riga itself, with the individual Sprint kicking things off. The goal for the Canadian team was to get a runner in the A Final, the top 15 of three heats of over 30 each. The weather was hot today! While it started out at a lovely 21 deg, it was around 30 by noon with a very bright sun. Sprint Qualifier The Sprint Qualifier was held in a central urban park, with the first part of the course in a set of buildings along side. This is what Coach Raphael Ferrand had to say about the Qualifier: It was about what we expected, a mixture of park and urban. It was good that the organizers used some artificial fences to make things a bit more technical. When it is easier technically, the gaps between racers is very tight! WOMEN C 3.4 km 16 C Jennifer Mackeigan: 20:45, 29th +8:25 From Jen: Today I ran my first ever WOC sprint and was that an experience! It’s a surreal experience warming up with the top ladies who you follow and inspire to be like. I was very nervous in the quarantine warming up and it definitely effective me at the beginning of the race until I got into the groove. After I got going the enjoyment of racing came but sadly it wasn’t completely smooth sailing. I definitely learned a few things today that I can use to improve my sprinting. Now it’s time to get into the forest! Men Heat A 3.5 km 21 C Graeme Rennie: 14:01 29th, +2:17 From Graeme: I was quite happy with my first WOC race in the sprint Qualifier; no mistakes just a little too slow. Exciting to see the champions run and interesting to see how fast I need to get for next time! Coach Raphael: Graeme was in an incredibly tough group, the last qualifier was 27 seconds back, there were some huge names, including silver medalist out of the Finals! Heat B 3.5 km 18 C Damian Konotopetz: 11:37 12th place, +0:37 QUALIFIED FOR FINAL Damian had a very strong run today, he has excellent fitness going into this WOC, in great shape and ready to race in a park terrain like this. From Damian: I was confident I could qualify with a fast and technically good race. I remember thinking to myself in the first third of the course if I was pushing hard enough physically since it was a lot of left or right choices with fast running. I made one 10 sec mistake but my speed was fast enough to qualify for the final. The course was quite fun and one of the better sprint qualifications that I’ve run. Coach Raphael: It was an impressive run, Damian has worked hard for this, trained at knowing what he had to do, focused on this moment. It is not easy to deliver when you are so focused on this day. He played it technically fairly safe and it worked. Sprint final: 4.3 km 18 C This was a very different race from the Qualifier. While the morning was in a pretty normal city park, the final was in what felt like a medieval city by comparison. It was packed with crowds who didn’t pay attention to the racers, including bicycles and cars. And then it started raining on a course full of cobblestones. The rain that had threatened during the Women Race arrived just as the Mens race started and it poured, absolutely impacting the race as some athletes struggled to maintain focus and their footing on the cobblestone. Damian Konotopetz 16:45 44th place +2:39 From Damian: I was pretty tired from the qualification and only getting 4 hours sleep the night before due to nerves, hot weather and loud music from an outdoor concert in town. It was awesome racing in the old town of Riga for the final! I was slipping and sliding around on the slick cobble stone roads since it was pouring rain for a lot of my race and I was just not feeling comfortable in those conditions and basically scared of falling. I had a decent race going to #7 and then I missed seeing the best route to #8 but made a huge mistake executing the route that I saw as I thought I could get through a narrow passage but it was impassable. All the rain made the map reading more complicated and I physically felt very tired. I was still very happy to be in the final with all the big names. Just more motivation to keep improving! Coach: Raphael: For Canada, we had two runners, in their very first WOC events. The whole World Championships experience that one must go through is a challenge and a great accomplishment to make it here. We had very solid results. For every nation, it is the focus to go to the A Final and it is a great start for Canada to have Damian’s results. Our focus now is on the Middle, we have two full days to think about the Middle as well as prepping runners for the Relay.
"Will Maja Alm take her 4th sprint victory in a row? Follow the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Sprint Final live at LIVE Orienteering from 14.50 UTC+3 #woc2018 #woc2018latvia"
This year's High Performance Program Silent Auction will be held at the North American Orienteering Championships on August 20 in Whitehorse, Yukon! In order for this event to be a success, we rely on donations from the orienteering community. Do you have anything you can donate? Possibilities include: artwork or crafts, gently used/new clothes or orienteering gear, baked goods, event entries, gift certificates to local businesses, gift certificates for something that uses your expertise (e.g. logo design, coaching, training plans), a stay at your cabin. Other ideas are also welcome! Donations can be left at package pick up at the event. If you aren't attending, please get in touch and we can look into arrangements to get your item to Whitehorse. Please share among your networks. Thank you for your continued support!

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