As of September 23, 2006 all unrestricted maps (funded solely by GVOC) produced by GVOC will be made available to the public for free non-commercial use.

Printing Instructions

All maps have been prepared at 200 pixels per inch. If you want the scale of the printed map to correspond to the scale indicated on the map, you will have to make sure that one printed inch of map contains 200 pixels.

Most maps have been produced to fit a standard paper size. These are indicated under map size. Scaling the maps to fit these paper sizes will give you a map scale close to correct.

Conditions of Use

Any Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club logo and / or website must NOT be altered or removed from the maps.

The text "Map produced by the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club " must NOT be altered or removed from the maps.

The users of any of the maps below waive all responsibility from the GREATER VANCOUVER ORIENTEERING CLUB (GVOC), the ORIENTEERING ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (OBC), and their agents from any loss of property or personal injury that may occur during the use of any of these maps.

Possession of the maps does not imply permission to be on the land. Permission must always be obtained from the private landowners.