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Alternatives: Seylynn extends further to the east, and Rice Lake extends slightly further to the north.

Master map: Lynn Valley is part of the Super SeyLynn master map. If making changes to the map, please edit the master map rather than these "printable" Lynn Valley maps.

Printed size: Tabloid.

Downloads: There are several OCAD files for this area:

  1. The "regular" map is 1:15000 and shown in the preview image. It can be downloaded using the link at the top of the page.
  2. A 1:10000 version zooms in on the central part of the map, and can be downloaded from LynnValley_10000_Tabloid.ocd.
  3. Rice Lake has a separate map page and is a 1:10000 zoom of the northern part of the area.

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Events on this map

Series Date
North Shore Long Distance (WJR) Oct 19, 2014
Lynn Valley (WET) May 20, 2015
Pre Christmas Training & Social (SOC) Dec 20, 2015
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (WJR) Oct 23, 2016
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (Major) Dec 10, 2017
Lynn Valley (WET) Aug 2, 2017
Super Mini Itsy Bitsy Barkley (Major) Nov 12, 2017
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (WJR) Oct 21, 2018
Test event for timing tests Jun 9, 2018
Lynn Canyon (WET) Apr 24, 2019
Upper Lynn Valley (WVT) May 4, 2020
MTBO Seymour Score-O (MBO) Jul 11, 2021
Lower Lynn (WET) Aug 4, 2021
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (WJR) Oct 16, 2022