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Alternatives: Rice Lake is part of the extensive Lynn Valley map, which extends much further to the south. The Seylynn map connects to the south east of this map.

Master map: Rice Lake is part of the Super SeyLynn master map. If making changes to the map, please edit the master map rather than these "printable" Rice Lake maps.

Printed size: Legal.

Downloads: A smaller letter-size version can be downloaded from RiceLake_10000_Letter.ocd

Tips for event organisers:

  • The pagoda/gazebo near the car park has power outlets (you may need to hit "Reset" to turn them on).
  • There are washrooms and a water fountain near the main car park.
  • The service road at the east is out of bounds!

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Events on this map

Series Date
Rice Lake B-meet (WJR) Oct 22, 2006
Why Just Run #6 - Rice Lake (WJR) May 11, 2008
Training at Rice Lake Jun 1, 2008
Rice Lake (WJR) May 10, 2009
Rice Lake (WJR) May 2, 2010
Junior Session - Rice Lake Jun 3, 2010
Rice Lake (WJR) May 8, 2011
Junior Session #6 Rice Lake Jun 2, 2011
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (WJR) Nov 6, 2011
Rice Lake (WJR) May 13, 2012
Lynn Valley Adventure Run (WJR) Oct 14, 2012
Lynn Valley (WET) Apr 10, 2013
Rice Lake (WJR) Jun 22, 2014
Rice Lake (WET) Sep 17, 2014
Rice Lake (WET) Jul 15, 2015
Rice Lake, including Lower Mainland Cadet Championships (WJR) May 15, 2016
Rice Lake (WJR) Sep 17, 2017
Rice Lake WET (WET) May 16, 2018