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3 Hr Rogaine

Organizers: Robyn Rennie (Event Director), Bruce Rennie (Course Planner), Graeme Rennie (Course Planner)

Map: Rice Lake

Congratulations to all the hardy souls who battled raging rivers, bridge closures, streams where there had been no streams before and torrential rain to complete the 1 1/2 and 3hr mini rogaine Lynn Valley Adventure Run (perhaps that is why we included the word Adventure in the name).

The heavy rain made a raging tsunami of Lynn Creek and the bridge at the north end of the map was closed during the race, which effected some runners. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time!

Here are the results:


Thanks to all the helpers:

Magnus for the additional mapping at the bottom and top of the map so that we had 5 bridges (until one was closed) as options

Magnus, Mark McMillan, Margo and Chris, Graeme and Bruce for hanging 37 of the 40 controls - leaving me just 3 to do.

Alison for setup, registration, cleanup, food, and that wonderful hot apple cider that everyone enjoyed

Karen and Meghan for membership and registration

Meghan and Margo for computer expertise, Chris for photographs and Michel leader of the cleanup crew.

Catherine and Gilles, Graeme, Bruce and Magnus for control pickup - although there are still two out there - #65 on the edge of the raging torrent that Lynn Creek turned into and #46 that I couldn't find :(

And lots of others who mopped floors, took down chairs and tables and cleaned up the wonderful warm space which we used for post race munchies.

Karen LaChance will be posting an additional email with photos of the lost and found - including two pairs of very wet running shoes. Please 'fess up if they are yours.

Cheers and see you in the woods next time.

Robyn Rennie Welcome to the 2012 edition of the Lynn Valley Adventure Run. Traditionally this has been a looong O event - i.e. longer than usual courses as there is so much interesting terrain in the Lynn Valley Area.

This year we are going one step further and turning this into a mini-rogaine event. For those who have never done a rogaine - this kind of an event has a fixed time limit with everyone starting at the same time and attempting to visit as many controls as possible in the allowable time. It usually has a longer time limit than a Score O' event.

This years event will be a 3 hour rogaine. Just imagine - three whole hours to explore the wilds of Lynn Valley.

Start and finish will be at Jaycees House in the Lower Lynn area and we will be using the Lower Lynn, Caliplano University, Lynn Valley and Rice Lake maps in a new 1:15000 format.

Registration will be from 9:30am to 10:00am. Please register and pay as an individual however you are welcome to do this event in teams of 2 or more.

Maps will be handed out at 10:00am and you will have 15 minutes to plan your route.

Mass Start will be promptly at 10:15am - late comers will be assumed to have also started at 10:15am.

Finish will be promptly at 1:15pm

Each control will be worth a fixed amount e.g. controls numbered 31 to 39 will be worth 30 points each, controls numbered 40 to 49 will be worth 40 points each etc and each minute late back will reduce your point total. You will lose 20 points for every minute that you are back late so it isn't worth attempting to get that last control if it means you will be late back.

BRING A FRIEND & GET $$ OFF YOUR ENTRY FEE! How does it work? Register yourself and your friend on the website (so you both get a map), then make sure you both go to the registration desk at the same time on the day. The conditions ~ the friend must be brand new to orienteering and never have been a member of GVOC. You and your friend will get $5 entry, but remember your friend must also bring $5 for membership! Juniors' bringing friends get $3 entry (and $5 for membership), and families get $5 off. The offer only applies for 1 friend per person, but we encourage you to invite as many people as you like!

See you in the Valley



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