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Organizers: Erica Lay (Event Director), Mike Rascher (Course Planner), Robyn Rennie (Permit), Jules Tough (Membership), Alistair Howard (Assistant), Holly Hendrigan (Assistant), Scott Muma (Assistant), Marg Ellis (Assistant), Brian Ellis (Coach), John Rance (Controller), Joanne Woods (Membership), Caoimhe Murray (Membership), Ingrid Weisenbach (Membership), Sergio FerLoz (Assistant)

Map: McCartney Creek

Itching to stretch your legs after a the fast-paced courses from Sprint Camp? Join us for the first spring Why Just Run at McCartney Creek.

The beginner course is all on trail controls, but there are many little trails on some parts of the map - keep your map oriented.

The intermediate course has quite a few off trail controls but with easy attack points from the trail network - keep your thumb on the map. Know where you are.

The expert course is more like a medium event, though a bit long for that. Some off trail navigation. Would have liked more, but the sparse areas of the map are a lot of climb and distance away from the park. That's why the elite course is so much longer.

The elite course has a few long legs with a few clusters of shorter legs. It could be run in an hour, but if you're not super fast get an early start please.

Beware of speedy mountain bikers and other trail users like dogs. If it's wet it will be slippery.

Start and Finish:

Start for all courses will be a 5 minute walk up the hill from the finish/registration in McCartney Creek Park. Please DO NOT park in the McCartney Creek Parking lot, but on Northlands Drive. It's a short walk around the corner to the park.


  • Registration: 9-10am
  • Starts: 10-11am
  • Course Closure: 1pm

If is VERY important that even if you abandon your course you come back to the finish so that we know you have returned safely and do not send a search party out for you.



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