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Organizers: John Rance (Event Director), Karen Lachance (Event Director), Marg Ellis (Permit), Safder Raza (Assistant), Chris Benn (Assistant), Scott Muma (Assistant), Ben Smith (Assistant), John Rance (Course Planner), Jules Tough (Membership), Joanne Woods (Membership)

Map: South Surrey Bike Park

South Surrey Bike Park has two distinct zones: forest with twisty bike trails and open areas with athletic fields, arenas, and parking. The bike trails are very complex and require intense concentration while the fields and arenas reward fast running. All courses will visit the trails and the fields. 

Revisions were made in Autumn 2016. An earlier version of the map is available on the GVOC website.

Some SI cards don't have enough space for 43 controls. So, if you are doing the longest course and are borrowing an SI stick, ask for a SI 6 not a SI 5 or SI 8.




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