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Printed size: The "raw" map is slightly larger than letter-sized. The "printable" map is legal-sized.

Downloads: There are two OCAD files for this map:

  1. The "raw" map contains just the cartography, and can be downloaded from BCCH_Sprint.ocd.
  2. The "printable" map includes title, border, credits etc and can be downloaded using the link at the top of the page. Events should use this version of the map whenever possible.

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Events on this map

Series Date
Childrens' Hospital (WET) Sep 14, 2011
Children's Hospital (WET) Feb 22, 2012
BC Children's Hospital (WET) Dec 12, 2012
Children's Hospital (WET) Oct 2, 2013
BC Childrens Hospital (WET) May 21, 2014
Children's Hospital (WET) Mar 11, 2015
BC Children's Hospital (WET) Jan 20, 2016
BC children's hospital (WET) Nov 30, 2016
BC Children's Hospital (WET) Feb 28, 2018
BC Children's Hospital (WET) Jun 19, 2019