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Downloads: There are two OCAD files for this map:

  1. The main map is legal size and is shown in the preview image. It can be downloaded using the link at the top of the page.
  2. Sumas_Mountain_10000_Letter.ocd is letter size, and just includes the eastern part of the map (east of the lake and dark green).

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Events on this map

Series Date
Sumas Mountain (WJR) Jun 13, 2009
Sumas Mountain (WJR) Jun 12, 2011
Sumas Mountain (WJR) Sep 14, 2014
Sumas Mountain (WJR) May 31, 2015
Mt Sumas - Pig War! (WJR) Jul 10, 2016
Mt Sumas (WJR) Jun 18, 2017
Sumas Training Event (WJR) Apr 15, 2018
Forest Training 3 - Sumas Mountain (Major) May 15, 2022