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Printed size: Letter.

Downloads: There are 2 versions of this map:

  1. The newer 1:5000 sprint map is shown in the preview image and covers the western part of the park.
  2. The older 1:10000 map covers the whole park and can be downloaded from Mundy_Park.ocd. Note that OCAD may think the map is 1:7500 scale, though it is really 1:10000. Be careful when planning courses with this file!

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Events on this map

Series Date
Determinator #2 - Mundy Park Nov 16, 2003
DET #2 - Mundy Park Coquitlam Oct 30, 2004
UOA - Mundy Park, Coquitlam Jul 15, 2004
Mundy Park (WET) Jul 4, 2012
Mundy Park (WET) Sep 4, 2013
Mundy Park (WET) Aug 13, 2014
Mundy Park (WET) Dec 2, 2015