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Printed size: Letter.

Downloads: There are 2 versions of this map:

  1. The newer 1:5000 sprint map is shown in the preview image and covers the western part of the park.
  2. The older 1:10000 map covers the whole park and can be downloaded from Mundy_Park.ocd. Note that OCAD may think the map is 1:7500 scale, though it is really 1:10000. Be careful when planning courses with this file!

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Events on this map

Series Date
Determinator #2 - Mundy Park Nov 16, 2003
DET #2 - Mundy Park Coquitlam Oct 30, 2004
UOA - Mundy Park, Coquitlam Jul 15, 2004
Mundy Park (WET) Jul 4, 2012
Mundy Park (WET) Sep 4, 2013
Mundy Park (WET) Aug 13, 2014
Mundy Park (WET) Dec 2, 2015
Western Canadian Orienteering Championships & Pig War (REG) Jul 7, 2018