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Alternatives: Seylynn combines Lynn Valley to the west and McCartney Creek to the east. Rice Lake connects to the north west of this map.

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Downloads: There is one OCAD file for this map - download using the link at the top of the page.

A work-in-progress version of the map that is based on LIDAR contours can be found at SuperSeyLynn_NewContours.ocd. The contours have been smoothed, but have not been manually adjusted/interpreted across the whole map. There are sections where non-contour features are in the wrong location relative to the contours (for example where a path on the original map hugged the top of a ravine, but the ravine has now "moved" due to the more accurate contour data; the path has not been moved to hug the top of the new ravine yet). This is most problematic in the LSCR and Rice Lake sections of the map.

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Events on this map

Series Date
New Year's Day Adventure (SOC) Jan 1, 2015
WJR - Lynn Valley Adventure Run (Major) Oct 20, 2019
Lynn Valley Rogaine Training (Major) Oct 18, 2020