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Long Advanced

Short Advanced


Organizers: Robyn Astridge (Event Director), Denis Anisimov (Coach), Joanne Woods (Membership), Alton Ho (Assistant)

Map: BC Children's Hospital


  • Thanks to everyone who came out on a beautiful evening!
  • Did you record your run with a GPS watch or a phone? Upload your track here to visualize your route choice.

Event Information

  • This week’s WET will take place on the BC Children’s Hospital map.
  • The event lasts from 18:30 to 20:30; no one will be allowed to start after 19:45. Please arrive at 18:00 if you are new to orienteering and would like to receive some coaching.

Map Information

  • Scale: 1:5000
  • Contour Interval: 2m

Meeting Location

  • Meet at Oak Meadows Playground on the East side of Oak Meadows Park (899 W 37th Ave).
  • For those taking transit, buses such as the 17 and the 41 run along Oak street, and the park is only a few minutes walk from 41st Ave, so the R4 is a good option as well. King Edward SkyTrain station is a short walk away, and the 33 bus runs along W 33rd Ave.
  • For those driving, there is a parking lot located on the South-East side of Eric Hamber Secondary School, though there are signs saying it is staff parking only. Limited parking is also available along W 37th Ave and along Willow St (though again there are signs saying it is for residents only).
  • Biking is also a very good option as the map is located on/between multiple bike routes (see here).


  • Beginner/Intermediate: 2.1 km, 13 controls
    • A shorter course that does a loop of the hospital. Some route choice legs.
  • Short Advanced: 3.6 km, 24 controls
    • A shortened version of the Long Advanced course. Many route choice legs and lots of direction changes.
    • Separate control descriptions will be available.
  • Long Advanced: 4.8 km, 32 controls
    • A longer course that visits most of the map. Lots of route choice legs and lots of direction changes.
    • The control descriptions are separate from the map, so please bring a map bag. I will also bring tape.


  • The track North-West of Eric Hamber Secondary School is currently under construction. Please pay attention to the out of bounds areas. There are also a few other areas marked out of bounds because of trespassing signs, so pay attention to these as well.
  • Please bring your own map bags. Letter-sized is good.
  • Please be mindful of other people in Oak Meadows Park. Also, please be careful not to disrupt any normal hospital operations.
  • Be careful when crossing roads; W 33rd Ave in particular can be busy at times.
  • Pay attention to your control descriptions! Separate control descriptions will be provided for the Short Advanced and Long Advanced courses.




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