Organizers: Laurent Mingo (Event Director), Kean Williams (Course Planner), Mike Rascher (Controller), Chris Benn (Organizer), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Elizabeth Kleynhans (Membership), Gwenn Flowers (Assistant), Holly Hendrigan (Assistant), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Assistant), George Pugh (Assistant), Karen Lachance (Membership)

2nd day of this 2-day WJR in Whistler. This page details Day 2. The first day's info is here.



Score O web results

Beginners web results

Lost &Founds

  • 1 compass : Nesters Hills
  • 1 whistlev : Lost Lake
  • 1 set of 2 U-lock (?) keys: Lost Lake

Email "laurentdbm at gmail" to sort it out.

O-Map: Nesters Hill - Format: Score - O

What is a Score-O?

Unlike on Saturday where you had to visit the controls in a preset order, there is no such thing in a Score-O:

  • You take the controls in the order of your choice with the goal of maximizing your point tally within the time limit.
  • Ranking is based on points and time, which means that for a same point tally, the fastest time wins.
  • Each control is worth 10 points
  • There is a twist though, a stiff point demerit of 20 points is applied for every *started* minute of overtime, so you better come back to the finish on time ! Fun!


  • Register on-line before Thursday 9:00pm please, so we can insure you will get a map.
  • Event opens and Registration starts at 9:30am
  • Score-O participants can start in any order between 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Course closure: 12:30 pm
  • Refreshment & re-hydration

Course Specifics:

2x Courses

There is 1x Score-O course and 1x beginner course, so make sure you punch the controls on your course.

1:4000 Map scale.

Tread lightly

A few large bare rock features with thick moss found on this map should be avoided as per the Resort Municipality of Whistler's guidelines.

Potential Hazards

  • Some cliffs
  • If rainy, as usual, logs and wood structures used on mountain bike trails will be especially slippery. These must be avoided as they are also high above ground and meeting a rider there would be unwelcome
  • Mountain bikers (!): especially on the smaller trails (keep your head up)
  • Some car traffic on south end of map
  • Some black bears, sometimes are around. They usually run, the question is whether they decide to run away from you (most of the time) or towards you (on occasion).
  • Potential for wasps at this time of the year in some of the humid spots. Keep you eyes open.
  • Mosquitoes will probably have hatched by then. In this case they can be in vast numbers and tend to hunt in large groups.


There is very few or no parking at all in Whistler beside designated spots:

  • Main parking in Myrtle Community School is shared with another event so it could be full when you arrive.
  • Overflow is directed to Balsam Way and Easy Street just W of the school where parking is allowed on one side. Absolutely NO parking on Lorimer Rd.
  • There is always Whislter's main parking lot ($) about 20 minute walk to event site.


Course Maps

Score-O - 60 Minutes



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