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Organizers: Jules Tough (Membership), George Pugh (Event Director)

Map: Iona Beach

Good dry evening in the last sunny WET for this year. Short courses with no hills were well received by competitors. Some times reflect that some competitors wisely completed the 75% of longer course and skipped the extra conditioning of the last loop.

Kudos to Park warden as pin flags were removed from public areas early the following morning. The many stands for 'bird netting' were in full use Thursday AM, with some 16 yellow warblers captured, weighted, measured for fat layers, banded and released. The 3 field biologists were intrigued by the 'new red flags' but had not removed them.

Come early if you want to run without headlamps! Sunset is at 7:31 PM. Park gates are locked at 8:00 PM and we must be out of park at time. High tide is at 8:28 PM: I promise that all controls will avoid the water hazards. This will be our last chance to run a WET at Iona Beach this year, as gates are locked at 7 PM in coming months.



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