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Organizers: Robyn Rennie (Event Director), Russell Porter (Organizer)

Map: Princess Park

NOTE: Results are just time taken for each competitor, without a tally of number of controls correctly located from the control description sheet. Hence, the points received may be a little misleading. Thanks to Meghan for the workshop with excellent graphics, and to Zoltan for collecting flags.

Ever wonder what all those weird symbols involved in orienteering mean? Want to learn how to read more than the number from the control description? Why is a rock depicted as both round and pointed? What are those eyelashes doing on my map?

These and more questions will be answered by Meghan Rance at this week's WET event. A short "How to read the Control Description/Legend workshop will be held starting at 6:30pm and then you get to practise with your new found knowledge on our modified Score courses. The printed map will have no control numbers on it - you will have to match the location of the control to the description of the control. You will be amazed at how many different places there are to put a pin flag.

Please register by Tuesday evening so we know how many maps to print (and how many control descriptions to have ready)

See you there.

Robyn & Bruce.



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