Organizer: Ian Collings (Event Director)

Map: Lynn Valley

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Wednesday Evening Training

  • What should I bring? Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! If it's wet outside, you might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! A headlamp or flashlight and reflective clothing is critical in the winter months (late September to April). A compass is optional (we have extra ones for borrowing). For added safety, a whistle is mandatory for all GVOC events. Read more in the WET Introduction to Orienteering.

When should I sign up? Please sign up by Tuesday night so that we can print enough maps, although we have extra maps if you forget.

How much does it cost? All WETs are free with yearly membership.

Club membership: See details on the club home page. Please complete before your first event!

2024 online waiver and membership form - purchase your membership directly here, or add one during your first event registration



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