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Organizers: Marg Ellis (Permit), Chris Benn (Event Director), Mike Rascher (Controller), Ben Smith (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Assistant), Stan Woods (Assistant), Desmond Mott (Assistant)

Map: Stanley Park

This Why Just Run event is going to be held in Stanley Park with the start and finish at Devonian Harbour Park near Coal Harbour. Courses will be point to point which will be a break from the recent tradition of score events. 

Everyone is welcome and the event is ideal for beginners.

The event is being held in the Park at a very busy time of year and most courses will have to share an occasional area with a lot of other park users (particularly if it is a nice sunny day).  It is likely you will encounter large groups of people on the path near the start so please be courteous.  The area around Brockton Oval is also out of bounds because of the dismantling of fences and tents from a major event on the Saturday.  Maps will mark areas that are off limits.

The shorter – easier courses will be 1:5000 scale (1cm=50m) and longer-harder courses will be 1:10000 scale (1cm=100m). The Elite course will have a map exchange from a 1:5000 scale to 1:10000 scale to make it a bit more interesting.

There is paid parking in car park near the corner of Bayview Dr and Denman St and is next to the start.  There might be a cheaper alternative if you can find on site meter parking nearby.



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