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Alternatives: The Pacific Spirit Park map also covers this area.

Printed size: Most of the map fits on letter paper, though you have to exclude either the eastern or western extremes. 

Downloads: There is one OCAD file for this map - download using the link at the top of the page.

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Events on this map

Series Date
WET 18 - Camosun Bog South (WET) Feb 7, 2007
WET 3 - Camosun (WET) Sep 17, 2008
Camosun Bog (WET) Mar 18, 2009
Camosun Bog (WET) Sep 30, 2009
Camosun Bog (WET) Apr 28, 2010
Camosun (WET) Apr 18, 2012
Camosun Bog (WET) Nov 21, 2012
Camosun (WET) Sep 18, 2013
Camosun Bog (WET) Apr 9, 2014
Camosun Bog (WET) Jan 7, 2015
King Ed West (WET) Sep 2, 2015
King Edward West (WET) Jul 6, 2016