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Organizers: Rachel F (Event Director), Rachel F (Course Planner), Meghan Rance (Controller), Karen Lachance (Membership), Roz Nicholls (Assistant), Scott Muma (Coach)

Map: Queen's Park

Post-event Report and Thanks

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate and assist on a rainy night at Queen's Park. I am glad so many people enjoyed the courses and sincerely appreciate the help with flag placement, membership/registration, beginner training, and control flag pickup. Thank you for your support in so many ways. 

Note: NC=Non-competitive/Course variation, DNS=Did not start.


Event Description

Welcome to the Queen's Park Wednesday Evening Training Website for March 20th -- the day of the 2013 Spring Equinox! 

One thing that most of you know is that whatever event I organize, I pretty much always provide separate control description sheets ( small strips of paper with a list of the controls you will be going to, c.f., Control/clue descriptions). This provides good practice for reading your control descriptions as you run through the course; It will also better permit you to run practicing your map holding/folding/thumbing skills because you will not have to continually be flipping around your map to read the control descriptions printed on your map. For those of you who have description holders, please be sure to bring yours; for those of you who don't, we will have safety pins and/or clear tape that you can use to either pin your description sheet to your top, and/or tape it to your arm. I know some of you have been coming out to events and haven't been using your control descriptions much, for this exercise I will design a course to encourage/assess your control description reading. Stay tuned!

There will be LOTS of controls! So lots of opportunity for control picking... with people running around in lots of different directions. This will give you practice in quick decision making/changes of direction and an opportunity to practice not getting distracted by others!

I am looking forward to this event; One of the best parts of orienteering is visiting places you've never been; and in case you have...seeing it/going through it in a new way. 

Let's have some fun... because that is what orienteering is...


6:15/6:20pm Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30pm Individual/staggered starts begin

8:00pm Course Closure


Two courses will be offered. 

All levels are welcome.

Beginner CourseA beginner course will be offered for people coming out to a GVOC event for the first time, who have never orienteered before. If you have never orienteered before, please refer to the Introduction to Orienteering Link above and also identify yourself upon arrival to the event host who will direct you to the "trainer" who will provide a short introduction to orienteering before you go out onto the course (please be sure to arrive early, e.g., 6:15pm, to allow time for the introduction). 

Intermediate/Advanced Course: Individuals who have participated in at least one GVOC event should register for the Intermediate/Advanced course.

What to Bring & Safety Precautions:

For all GVOC event, whistles are required. Please be sure to bring yours to the event. In case you do not have one, GVOC has some for sale at the cost of $1.

Because the event will be in the dark, you will need also need a light (e.g., headlamp) and are advised to wear some light colours and/or reflective clothing. 'Wearing all black is ill-advised'. Some street crossings are anticipated, safe street crossing practices is necessary.  

Some of the park is extremely muddy and slippery, so caution and shoes with appropriate tread are advised; as well as a change of shoes/clothes for after the event.

On-line & On-site Registration Procedures:

Please be sure to register online by Tuesday night so we know how many maps to print out.

You will also need to identify yourself upon arrival to find out your individual start time.

If this is your first time at a GVOC event this year, please arrive early to complete the 2013 GVOC membership form and the waiver form (don't forget your membership fee too). 

Parking/Start/Finish Location:

Parking: Enter Queens Park from the MAIN GATE at the intersection of 1st Street & 3rd to park in the parking lot North of the meeting point. 

The Start/Finish Location will be at the gazebo, by the meeting point.

Finishing/Course Closure:

The course closure time is anticipated to be 8pm, the time will be announced and printed on your maps.

All participants MUST report back to the Finish Location by the course closure.

All finishers MUST report their return to the Finish Location -- that is the only way we can give you a time; that is the only way we know you are safely back, and we do not have to send out a search party. 

Post-Event Dining:

We typically find an inexpensive place nearby to go have a tasty bite to eat. All are welcome. Location TBA

One location on consideration is the famous Dublin Castle:

Important note: 

Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs or would like to organize a WET please let us know.



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