Course Maps

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Organizer: Louise Oram (Event Director)

Map: Mount Seymour

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Pending park permissions we will be having this event up on top of Mount Seymour (goldie lake area). Come for the last forest training before the BC Orienteering Championships in Victoria!

There have been recent black bear sightings in this area, so be bear aware. (and what to do if you see a bear)

The distances may be on the shorter side, but do not underestimate how long it will take you! There are some beautiful areas to get to, but the waist high blueberries in places (particularly on the side of trails) will slow down the speed you can travel when not on trail (<10 minutes/k). The courses are tough (hence the new course names)!

The Intro course will be almost entirely on trail (although some of the trails are rugged) so is suitable for beginners / families. The intermediate will have simpler navigation and less off trail than the tough/ultra tough.

The map is originally from 1975, but updated/tweaked recently - just keep in mind its a bit of a more simplified map than the sprint maps many of us run on at WETs.

Starts approximately from 10-11:30, course closing at 2.


If its a nice day, bring a picnic for after and walk up to Mystery lake for a dip!



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