Organizers: Meghan Rance (Event Director), John Rance (Event Director)

Map: Hume Park

3 pm December 19- Because of the closure of the Port Mann bridge due to falling ice and accidents on the Patullo traffic is going to be a complete mess around Hume Park. We have decided that it is not practical or safe to run the orienteering tonight. We will reschedule for a less snowy day.

The potluck is STILL happening if people want to come. COME BY ANY TIME. Here at 1428 Edinburgh st, we have hot apple cider, pots of chili, fresh bread, and electricity! We would love it if people still come to celebrate with us.

If you would like a ride from Edmonds skytrain, call us at 604 526 3319 (or you can walk about 15 minutes from 22nd st skytrain)

Try out the new Hume Park map and then join us at the Rance/Lachance house for a holiday potluck! This is a small park but it will be great! Think Renfrew Ravine at Sprint Camp. People will be running in every direction and you will have to focus on your course. There will be a mass start at 6:45pm. It's will probably be muddy and WET so bring a change of shoes and clothes.

Meet under the overhang of Hume Park Elementary (521 Fader St - the overhang faces Kelly St). There is parking nearby on Kelly St. From the Trans Canada take exit 40A (Brunette Ave). At the first major intersection, turn right onto Braid st. Turn right onto Fader st. The school is at Fader st where it meets the park. For those taking transit, it is easy to walk from the Braid St Skytrain. Later you can debrief at the holiday potluck. Bring something to share and join us at 1428 Edinburgh Street, New Westminster for the party. If you are able, please bring your own dishes and cutlery as in past years we have run out! We will try and carpool those without vehicles to the party and to the Edmonds Skytrain afterwards. Please park in the front but come in the back door so that we aren't tracking dirt all over the house. Please let us know if you are planning on attending! We look forward to seeing all of our orienteering friends new and old! John, Karen, and Meghan


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