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Organizer: Nathan Detroit Barrett (Event Director)

Map: King Edward West

This week's WET is at Camosun Park, W16th Ave and Camosun St, in the Point Grey/Dunbar area.

This will be a standard point to point course approximately 4km in length.

Meet by the parking lot on Camosun St, by W17th Ave. There's a covered area of the school by the south end of the parking lot in case it rains.

Starts from 18:30.

As a note: there's been some modifications to the trail networks in the park and some of the school. I'll do my best to try to either modify this on the map or white it out. Just so people are aware.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.


Thanks to everyone who came out. The weather held out which was nice.

Results are posted. Please let me know if there's a major discrepancy (or if you care!).

Thanks to some of the club members for providing a good example at how the direct route is not always the fastest route. Impressive nonetheless. Also, extra points for Mike and his thrashed legs. Very nice work! I hope somebody got some pictures of that.

Hope you all enjoyed and hope to see you next week at Vanier Park.




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