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Organizer: Hilary Anderson (Event Director)

Map: Jericho Beach

*** Wednesday will be the Stanley Cup the Jericho Beach event will now be held on THURSDAY June 16 ***

PLACE: Jericho Beach Park at west end of Point Grey Road at junction with Parking lot -
TIME:Individual starts any time after 6:00 pm. Mass start at 6:45 pm. Course closes at 8:00 pm.

This will be a two-part session:

1. First, test/develop your skill at taking compass bearingsand estimating distances in three short loops (~0.8 km each). All the controlswill be benches. The catch is that the map will be drastically simplified toshow only the controls and the shoreline of the bay and ponds compassbearings and distance estimation will be needed to find the correct controls.


2. Then, pick up a standard map for a longer course (~ 3 km)focusing on route selection.

BEGINNERS may want to do the first part using full mapsshowing trees, vegetation, contours etc. so navigation is much easier. Pleasesign up as a Beginner if you want this set of maps.

INTERMEDIATES may do the first part with the simplified mapsbut take along a full map for reference/aid if needed. Please sign up as anintermediate if you need the extra reference map.

EXPERTS will use only the simplified maps for the firstpart. For experts wanting extra competition, there will be a mass start at 6:45pm.

PLEASE sign up before Wednesday night as a Beginner,Intermediate or Expert in order to have the maps you need.


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