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Organizer: Andy Reddin (Event Director)

Map: King Edward West

RESULTS: # of hours is negative number of triangles completed

This week's WET will take place in Camosun Park (Bog). The start will be located near the washrooms in Chaldecott Park (see link). I will be unveiling a newly invented training exercise called "Dog Ears" (see below). A regular point-to-point course will also be available. Please indicate which course you would like to do when signing up.

Mass start for Dog Ears will take place at 6:45 sharp! Anyone on the point-to-point course can start after this time. All courses will close at 7:45; you might have to plan to skip one or more triangles on the Dog Ears course.

Dog Ears Explanation:

The map will contain several triangles of controls, labelled (1a,1b,1c), (2a,2b,2c), etc. The triangles (1,2,etc) can be visited in any order, and you also have to decide what order to do the three controls (a,b,c) in each triangle. Note that for each triangle you only have to do 2 out of the 3 possible legs, so you don't have to come back to the control you started on. There are six possible ways to do each triangle, which means many possible ways to do the course!

Careful planning and concentration will be the key to success in this event!


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