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Short Advanced

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Organizers: Tomas Graham (Event Director), Robyn Astridge (Assistant)

Map: Byrne Creek

Hope everyone's legs have recovered from last weekend, because you're sure gonna need them soon!

This week's WET will centre around Taylor Park in Burnaby and will feature novice (1.5 km), short advanced (2.5 km), and long advanced (3.5 km) courses. The advanced courses will include a mix of short and long legs of varying complexity. The terrain is mostly urban with some forest trails. Bush-whacking is optional. We also plan on using the electronic timing system this week! You will receive your beacon upon arrival. Please be mindful of cars, bikes, pedestrians, and dogs during while on the course. The area can become very busy.

We will meet near the playground opposite of Taylor Park Elementary on Mission Avenue. It's about a 10-minute walk from Edmonds station.



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