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Organizers: Joanne Woods (Membership), Alton Ho (Event Director), Robyn Astridge (Event Director), Victoria Cote (Assistant), Jonathan Harris (Assistant)

Map: Minoru Park

Thank you to everyone who came out! And special thanks to Victoria and Jonathan for assisting with control pick-up.

Join us this Wednesday for a Farsta at the newly reconstructed Minoru Park!

The map has been newly redrawn to reflect the changes made in the park around Minoru Lakes, Minoru Centre for Active Living, as well as adding new areas on the east side of the map to include some fun new residential areas that extends to Minoru Boulevard. Be prepared for some fun surprises!

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Event Details:

  • Mass start at 18:45. Meet at the Minoru Track bleachers. Please arrive at 18:00 if you are new to orienteering and would like to receive some coaching before heading out.
  • Those that can’t make it to the mass start are still welcome to come, first start will be at 18:15 and last start will be at 19:15.
  • Everyone must be back by 20:00, regardless of whether you’ve finished your course.
  • Please park at the parkade West of Richmond Public Library (there is free 3h parking here). The parking at the Minoru Track is only from 7:00-19:00.
  • Post-WET dinner will be at Pho Lan Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant, a 5 minute walk away from the track. Everyone is welcome to join!

Course Details:

  • Beginner: 1.8km (13 controls)
    • A short course suitable for those new to the sport. This course stays for the most part within the bounds of the park around Minoru Lakes.
  • Mass Start Courses
    • Shorter: 3.9km (29 controls)
      • A shorter version of the full-distance mass start race.
    • Longer: 5.3km (40 controls)
      • A long and challenging course that visits the entire map. There may or may not be a map flip.


  • Some of the parking lots in the area are busy, so please be cautious. As always, there are many other park users, so please use your judgement when running around.
  • Don't forget to bring a headlamp!
  • Consider bringing your control description holder if you have one. You may find yourself lamenting your decision not to later...



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