Organizers: John Rance (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Stan Woods (Host)

Map: Hume Park

Hume Park is wonderful for night orienteering. It is fun, dark, and challenging. Check your batteries! The courses are not especially difficult but keeping oriented in the dark on the twisting trails is hard. We challenge you not to get turned around at least once.

There is a porta potty nearby (or maybe the heated, lighted toilet will be unlocked). Braid Skytrain Station is about 10 to 15 minutes away by foot.

There are 6 loops--do all or just some. (Distance and climb subject to minor revisions)

Dark Fields, Dark Paths .9k 32m climb

Go Down, Go up .6k 20 m climb

Don't Disorient .8k 22m climb

Snakes and Ladders .7k 20m climb

Pick Them Off .6k 8m climb

Twists and Turns .8k 28m climb

Meet in the kid's play area between the pool and the tennis courts.

Sign up by Tuesday Oct 3rd midnight.

Wednesday Evening Training

What should I bring? Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! If it's wet outside, you might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! A headlamp or flashlight and reflective clothing is critical in the winter months (late September to April). A compass is optional (we have extra ones for borrowing). For added safety, a whistle is mandatory for all GVOC events. Read more in the WET Introduction to Orienteering.

When should I sign up? Please sign up by Tuesday night so that we can print enough maps, although we have extra maps if you forget.

How much does it cost? All WETs are free with yearly membership (adult: $20 / youth under 20: $10 / children under 5: free / visitors: $5 / one-time: $5). We now accept credit and debit cards (preferred). Contact membership team for other payment options.

2023 online waiver and membership form - purchase your membership directly here, or add one during your first event registration



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