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Organizers: Laurent Mingo (Controller), Gene Beveridge (Course Planner), Caoimhe Murray (Organizer), Denis Anisimov (Organizer)

Map: Capilano University

Leg 20-21 Technical Long:

How much of a distance penalty one is willing to take for a less risky, simpler to execute route? This might be the key question to resolve for this leg,

Test your warp speed ! Urban sprint with forested sections for this Wednesday's WET.

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  1. Technical Course Long: 4.5km - 90m up
  2. Technical Course Short: 2.6km - 50m up
  3. Intermediate Course: 3km - 75m up
  4. Easy-ish Course: 1.8km - 45m up

Warp: ... Courses 1 and 2 are demanding sprint courses with sprinkled (dark) forested sections, multiple directional changes, and a few longer legs for good form. Keeping focus will be key to execute at warp speed. Courses 3 and 4 are more relaxed.

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Please Read:

  • All courses run across residential areas, please minimize potential disturbances to pedestrians, local residents and watch out for local traffic
  • Watch out for cars on some of the larger street crossings.

Parking: Along street at meet location and nearby streets. And Evo park zone is located a few hundred meters from the Start Finish.

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