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Rogaine (2hours)

Organizer: Louise Oram (Course Planner)

Map: Mount Seymour

Registration at 10:00, mass start at 10:30. Two hours to get as many checkpoints as possible (finish 12:30)! 10 points per checkpoint, 5 points lost for every minute over 2 hours. Person with the most points wins, if people have the same number of points then the person who finishes in the shortest time wins.

A subset of easier checkpoints will be available for beginners, with 1 hour to get as many as possible.

The race may be done alone, or in teams of 2-3 people.

Meet at the far end of the parking lot at the top of Mount Seymour (follow signs for Mount Seymour provincial park up the hill from Mt Seymour Parkway). Look for our green tent for registration (see link at the top of page for google maps approximate location).

Because of park use fees the race fee is slightly higher than usual:

5$membership fee per person (sign waiver!), unless already a member

2 hour:

15$per person/team

10$for juniors (eg jackrabbits)

30$limit for families

1 hour:

10$per person/team

5$for juniors (eg jackrabbits)

20$limit for families

Event ReportThanks all for coming out to the event! I hope you enjoyed thrashing through the blueberry bushes (and grabbing a few to eat along the way) and that you are not too bruised from slidding on wet rocks/logs.

Congrats to Ian Steele for winning the men's 2-hour course, and Anette Heggoy for winning the women's 2-hour course!

Full results available.


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