Organizers: Nathan Detroit Barrett (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Robyn Rennie (Membership), Marg Ellis (Assistant), Brian Ellis (Assistant), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Bruce Rennie (Assistant), Alistair Howard (Coach), Mike Rascher (Assistant), Adam Woods (Coach), Sergio Fernández (Assistant), Chris Ball (Assistant), Chris Benn (Assistant), Don Haliburton (Assistant), Ian Collings (Coach), Stan Woods (Assistant), Ev Cousins (Assistant), Dawn Lessowai (Assistant), Erica Lay (Assistant), John Rance (Coach)

Map: Lynn Valley

Raw results here (no team bonuses)

Come join us the Lynn Valley Adventure Run, a North Shore classic. This year's event will include mass-start 3 hour and 6 hour options in the traditional Score-O format (with SI/electronic scoring).

The objective is to collect a maximum of points within a given amount of time (3 or 6 hours). Each control will be worth a fixed amount (e.g. controls numbered 31 to 39 will be worth 30 points each, controls numbered 40 to 49 will be worth 40 points each etc.) and each minute late getting back will reduce your point total. You will lose 20 points for every minute that you are back late, so it isn't worth attempting to get that last control if it means you will be back late.

This year we’ve added even more terrain to the map, and it stretches all the way to Mosquito Creek on the west, and Deep Cove on the east!


The "Super Seylynn" map now covers the area from Mosquito Creek to Deep Cove at 1:15000 scale, with 5m contours, and utilizes sections of the Lynn Valley/Braemar/Lower Seymour/Rice Lake/McCartney Creek maps.

The terrain around the North Shore is a nice mix of beginner friendly trails and roads that are closer to the start/finish and some more technical terrain further away. Forest areas are often fairly open, for West Coast standards. Expect generous amounts of elevation gain:)

Start/Finish Location and Parking

The start and finish will be at the west side of Blueridge Park, off of Berkley Ave, shown on the map.

Lots of street parking is available, but please be respectful of the neighbours and carpool if possible. There’s also a bus stop a few meters from the start/finish location.


  • 8:00am: 6 hr course planning
  • 8:10am: 6 hr course start
  • 10:30 am: 3hr course planning
  • 10:40am 3 hr course start
  • 1:40pm to 2:10pm: Finish!

Note: registration will open at 7:15 am and close ~15 minutes before the start.

Registration and Payment

***Registration is open until Saturday, October 15th at Noon***

All runners must pre-register and pay before the event. Registration link

See who is coming

Single Adults - $25

Single Youth - $15

Adult Team - $40 - we can't get the registration system to deal with teams so if you are a member of a team, register as an individual, tell us who is in your team and use the TEAM coupon code in the cart for a discount. We will try to sort out the teams on the day as well.

Youth Team - $24 - same as for the adult. Tell us who is in your team and use the TEAM coupon code in the cart for a discount.

We will use SI/SI-AIR this year and will have both available to lend out at the start.

Partners/teams: Score-O/Rogaines (and adventures) are way more fun when they are shared experience. And longer rogaines are always run with a partner. We will reward teams who run in pairs (10% score penalty for solo runners).


Prepare to be self-sufficient for the duration of your run!

  • All competitors must report to the finish, so we know you're safe.
  • Whistles must be carried. If you don't have a whistle, you may purchase one at registration.
  • BE BEAR AWARE! Become bear aware, and consider carrying bear spray if you're on a longer course and are nervous about bear encounters.
  • We will mark the location of known drinking water sources on the map, but there is no guarantee that they will be operational on the day (they shouldn't have been turned off for winter yet, but no promises). All the water refill stations are close to public washrooms.
  • Consider taking some food if you're on the 3h/6h courses.
  • You may carry a cellphone for emergency usage. Please respect the spirit of the event, and don't use the GPS functionality unless you're hopelessly lost and concerned for your safety. The event director's number will be printed on the map. Note that some areas of the map do not have cell signal.
  • Major rivers can only be crossed on bridges.

Beware of mountain bikers, especially on the eastern half of the map.



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