Organizers: Sergio Fernández (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership)

Map: Mundy Park

As the sun goes down, the Vampires awake, and they target the poor souls that wander in the woods.

Your navigation skills will be handy on the epic fight for survival this Halloween night. Using your map and compass will help in your search for relics and devices that might be useful to deal with the dangers of the darkness.

Your stealth and speed might come in handy as well, but nothing can guarantee that you make it to the end unharmed.

Those brave to face the Vampires might become legends if they get to take down the most dangerous monsters that walk among us.


Vampires: the vampire that is alive and has taken the most lives wins.

Runners: Surviving is in itself a victory

Monster hunter: Whoever kills a Vampire becomes a LEGEND!

Location: Mundy Park

6:00pm Game instructions

6:15pm Mass start!!!

8:00pm course closure

This social event is perfect for beginners since we will be at a park, and all controls will be optional. In addition, you can work together as a group, but you never know if your teammate happens to be or become one of them. So probably good to learn to read those maps.

If you feel like dressing up, you can let me know ahead of time, and I might be able to give you an advantage that suits you ;)

You will need to bring a headlamp, compass, and a whistle, and be ready to face the dangers of the night.

GVOC Membership

You must be an active member of an orienteering club in order to participate, so please do the 2021 GVOC club membership and waiver if haven’t done it yet this year. If you are new to orienteering, you get a 50% discount when you join the club and it costs only $10 for an adult and $5 for juniors. If you are not sure if you are a member - send the membership team an email and ask.

Registration deadline

Please sign up by 11:59pm (midnight) on October 29th so we know how many maps to print.

Declaration of Health

ON The DAY OF THE EVENT, please do the Declaration of Health Click HERE to do the DECLARATION OF HEALTH


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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