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# Participant Score Points Time Points

Course Maps

90 minute run/walk

60 minute bike

Organizers: Alistair Howard (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Robyn Rennie (Controller)

Map: Pacific Spirit Park

Results and maps are up. If I didn't record a score for you, I made a mistake, or you didn't hand in your sheet, send Alistair a message to let me know.

Welcome to our first Rogaine of the year. If you have never done a Score-O or Rogaine they are pretty simple. You choose your own route and try to collect as many points as you can within the time limit. Also a Rogaine is usually done as a pair to make route finding more interesting. Feel free to join up with a friend and do the event together.

There are two categories: 90-minute run/walk or a 60-minute bike (but please feel free to run/walk for 60 or bike for 90 if you prefer).

The controls are identical for both categories; however bikes are limited to which trails they can use. I’ve tried to mark the no-bike trails on the bike map, but please pay attention when you are out there.

Both courses are beginner friendly. The biking is non-technical and a light duty hybrid should be sufficient. The southern half of the map is especially friendly for young kids so I encourage families to try this by bike (I tested it with my boys and we had a lot of fun).

Some details:


Spanish Banks Parking Lot (see pin on map below).

Start Timing

We are still not allowed to run a mass start event, so we will instead have a short 1hr window to allow people to spread out.

Starts between 10:00am and 11:00am on Saturday June 19.

Maps will be provided at the start.


Please register on this website so we know how many maps to print.

Payment on site (contactless credit or debit card): $10/person ($5 for under 20 years old and max $20 for families)


The controls are all Question-and-Answer format. You will be provided with a control list and a pencil. Each control will have a simple question to answer. This system is not a test about answering the questions correctly, but more of a way for you to track where you've been confirm you’re in the right place. If the question isn’t crystal clear it’s probably my fault for thinking something was obvious. If you can’t find the answer, write “claim”. If a significant number of people claim, that’s fine. If you’re the only one, then….

The controls are on a distinctive feature at the center of the circle. The Q&A will direct you to a item at that location or very nearby.


Each control point is worth the first digit times 10, ie control 44 is worth 40 points. Get as many as you can in the time, lose 10 points for each minute you are back late.

Post Race

Hopefully the weather is good and people can enjoy some time (safely) socializing on the beach afterwards.



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