Organizers: Erica Lay (Coach), Joanne Woods (Membership), Caoimhe Murray (Course Planner), Robyn Rennie (Assistant)

Map: Seylynn

Note on Covid-19 & Variants of Concerns (VOCs): VOCs are now dominant in BC and are demonstrating increased transmissibility. As such, and during this training, we want to encourage participants to exercise enhanced caution and common-sense, especially if planning to gather outside in groups outside their bubble, if that is still permitted under Provincial Guidelines.
We can take advantage of the expected stunning weather and enjoy forest-O safely if we stick to rigorous physical-distancing, and dial these interactions down even if outdoors. We will leave the pin flags up until Thursday so feel free to spread out over the available days/evenings.

Event Information

Forest Training #1 is the first of four sessions of forest training that we are offering over the next few weeks. Each session will focus on one or more different skills which are required for orienteering in a forest environment. We will also offer three courses for attendees to use to practice the skills that they are learning. We encourage you to do this with your bubble to help each other learn as you go. Please abide by the current public health orders particularly as relating to the variants of concern.

This week we are introducing orienting the map, compass bearings and pace counting (estimating distance) and practicing moving through the forest both on and off trails. If some of these phrases sound like gibberish to you then this training will be a great introduction to these forest skills, or a good refresher for those who have already learned these in the past. Training resources:

2.5 km - Beginner course - suitable for children and families or newcomers who have never tried orienteering before. Participants in the OAK program can use this course to practice their skills in a more traditional orienteering setting.

6.9 km - Advanced course - suitable for experienced orienteers or a challenge with a couple of logical cutoff points for less experienced participants.

Choose your own adventure - pick as many or as few controls as you want, in any order, to practice your control hunting skills.

We are offering a map-pickup service for this event and the address will be emailed to all participants who have registered and paid by Thursday evening. Maps will be printed on Friday and ready for pickup after 7pm on Friday April 16th and the flags will be in place from late Friday evening until Thursday so pick whatever time suits you. Just be aware that the longer the flags are out the higher the chance that some of them may disappear.

Cost for Participants:

Purchase entry to all four Forest training events for $30 per adult, $15 per junior (8 - 20) + administrative costs


Purchase a single event entry for $10 per adult, $5 per junior (8 - 20) + administrative costs

OAK participants can attend for free

Signup and pay through the Zone4 link on the right.

See who else is attending and put together a bubble of people to train with or arrange to meet up at the site. We are allowed to meet in groups of 10 provided you remain in compliance with all current provincial health guidelines.


After picking up your map (instructions will be emailed on Friday to registered participants) park in the northern parking lot at InterRiver Park Soccer Fields - see map pin below. There is lots of space here.

MapRun6 - see Virtual Orienteering

Courses will be available on MapRun6 to provide route tracking. Download the courses from Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver > 2021 > Forest Series > LSCR

Upload GPS tracks from other GPS devices here



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