Organizers: Chris Benn (Event Director), Laurent Mingo (Course Planner), Ingrid Weisenbach (Permit), Kate Karamycheva (Assistant), Joanne Woods (Membership), Gwenn Flowers (Assistant), Ian Collings (Assistant), Jeremy Gordon (Assistant)

Map: Deep Cove

Winsplit Results

Please come out to the first WJR of 2020 on Sunday 19th January 2020 at Deep Cove. The start and finish are at Cove Cliff Elementary school (NOT the picnic area where we normally start/finish).

The map covers an interesting mixture of parks and urban areas.There will be an added challenge of a mass start for the Full Meal Deal course (elite) and Tough (expert) courses. Laurent has planned the courses such that there are forked controls and also route choices which are very close to each other so you will have to keep track of where you are all the time.

There are also Easy(-ish) and Intermediate courses which will have individual starts.

Because this includes mass starts and is also the first event of the year please note the timetable and arrive in good time.This will allow volunteers to get ready and participate in the event.

Before arriving at the event it will be much appreciated if you could please go to and fill your waiver and sign up/renew your GVOC membership.

9.30 am - Registration opens

10 am - Registration closes

Please note that you will have to pay in cash for the event (online payment for events is not set up yet).

  • 10 am – 11 am Starts for Easy and Intermediate courses.
  • 10.15 am Mass start for "Tough" course
  • 10.20 am Mass start for "Full Meal Deal" course
  • 12.30 pm course close

Courses Overview

  • Easy-ish : Just like it sounds. Easy trails and non-forested areas in Deep-Cove. Keep a good focus on your map though.
  • Intermediate: a good notch above the previous course. More route choices in open parks and streets, and a total of 3 controls in the forest that are meant to be challenging.
  • Tough: Farsta, as fast and furious you want it to be. Forking, loops, and forest.
  • Full Meal Deal: Farsta, fast and furious for sure. Forking, loops, and intense forest plus climbs.


There is free parking at the school and nearby streets, as well as 150m to the south in Myrtle Park. Public washrooms are also found at Myrtle Park.

Safety Precaution

As it stands a week before the event, the forest's ground is its "usual" slippery (wet roots, water saturated ground surface), and so are the many moss-covered surfaces such rock/boulders in some part of the forest. Keep an eye for these.

A lot of interesting weather happened this week! The next weather push seems to be starting with more snow, transitioning to rain on Saturday, but not so bad as it stands now for Sunday morning which could see a break in precip. Expect wet snow on the ground both in forested areas and in parks.

Conditions Update (Jan 18 6:20pm)

Forest, off trail: some wet slushy snow left on forested ground. Ankle deep or less for most part.

Forested Trails: mostly slush

Urban Park trails, school backyards near Start and Finish: bare or **ice** in heavy foot traffic areas

Urban Park field and grass: slush or bare.

Streets: bare

Spikes or knobby soles are recommended, Yak Trak or the like may not be a luxury in a few places if you don't have spikes, take it easy on the few remaining ice patches.


Course Maps

Full Meal Deal





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