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Organizer: Don Chandler (Event Director)

Map: King Edward West

It's still winter, despite global warming. Expect light showers. So we start and finish in the heated garage. At the finish party you will find a ping pong table, a sauna, pizza and wine from the cellar provided. Bring any other beverages, snacks, dry clothes, towel or just dry out in the sauna or by the fireplace after.
Thanks to Louise for updating the map with new stumps after the storms and to both Thomas and Louise for explaining the intricacies of OCAD and mapping.

Event Report"It sure is dark in there" was the most frequent comment. Yes, it was a dark and foggy night. The faint old trails have grown over and the winter's storms created new hurdles. Despite efforts by GVRD parks to clear over 964 trees from across trails this winter, GVOC runners can still find more. No such thing as taking the easy (al biet, longer) way. A staggered start led to a staggered finish. Pizza arrive in the middle. Bush, trails, roads, grassy parks, sandboxes, hidden boulders and more. A fun night for all. And a great party at the end. Thanks to all who showed up and made it a real event. Thanks to Magnus et al for picking up flags. Thanks to Louise for mapping lessons. We'd all be lost on an old map without you.


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