Organizer: James Golding (Event Director)

Map: Hume Park

It's the Hume Park Tinsel Chase! 

Mass start at 6:45pm • Holiday Party follows afterwards

Come out to Hume Park for the most tinsel filled event of the year! Anyone wearing tinsel or other festive attire will be rewarded with a bonus head start!

How it works:

  • Park in the main Hume Parking lot, accessed from North Road at the north end of the park.
  • Follow the tinsel to the start!
  • There will be a super fun mass start at 6:45pm
  • The three wise men created FOUR short loops (600m each) named after the 4 precious goods: Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh and Spandex.
  • The first runner to finish all four loops then starts the last CHASE loop.
  • The chequered tinsel flag will then be raised, signifying that EVERYONE else finishing their current loop then follows on to the chase loop (doesn't matter if you don't finish all 4 of the first loops).
  • The winner gets tinsel. They have to wear it. All night.

Also sign up for the party afterwards:  PARTY!!!!!

Directions to the party from Hume park:  how to get there - its just 5km, but cyclists be warned - its ever so slightly up hill.


Course Maps

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