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Organizers: Nathan Detroit Barrett (Event Director), Dane Low (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Emily Ross (Membership), Alison Schoenhardt (Membership), Jules Tough (Membership), Ian Collings (Membership), Bruce Rennie (Host), Robyn Rennie (Permit), Ben Smith (Assistant), Alistair Howard (Assistant), Eric Cessford (Assistant), Rachel Howard (Assistant), Reid Howard (Assistant), Elizabeth Kleynhans (Host), Bill Harrower (Host), Don Haliburton (Coach), Jonah Haliburton (Coach), Scott Muma (Assistant), Chris Ball (Assistant)

Map: Lynn Valley



Lynn Valley Adventure Run

Come join us for this North Shore classic! This years event will include a 1.5h, 3h, and a 5h score event (for those who really want to get their money's worth!). This style of race will have controls/checkpoints scattered around the Lynn Valley/Rice Lake/McCartney Creek area, each with different point values, and competitors will have to try come up with (and subsequently follow) an optimal route to collect as many points as they can within their chosen time limit.

The terrain around the North Shore is a nice mix of beginner friendly trails and roads that are closer to the start/finish and some more technical terrain further away. It should offer a good introduction for anyone new, while providing others with the opportunity to explore some of North Vancouver's exotic plant life!

Scoring Rules:

You need to collect a maximum of points within a given amount of time (1.5, 3 or 5 hours). Each control will be worth a fixed amount, noted by the point score attached to each control, depending on how far away the control is and how difficult the navigation is and each minute late back will reduce your point total. Closer, beginner-friendly controls will have point values of 3/4/5, while the most challenging and furthest away controls will have values of 10/15, with all of the controls of varying distance and difficulty having point values of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15. You will lose 2 points for every minute that you are back late so it isn't worth attempting to get that last control if it means you will be back late.

If you're new to the sport, this means you can sign up for any time course, and it's best to focus on the lower value controls at first and build up your comfort level and try pushing your boundaries and try increasingly higher point controls. Or don't. I mean, what do I know anyways.


We've combined all of the maps in the Lynn Valley/Braemar/Rice Lake/McCarney Creek make a super map! It is something. It will be 1:15000, with 5m contours. If you haven't seen an orienteering map before, check out the map link above. Unlike last year with the CMHC issues on Seymour, we will be able to take advantage of all that this glorious mega-map has to offer.

Start/Finish Location:

The start and finish location will be at the Jaycee House, on the corner of Lillooet Rd and Inter River Park (see map below). It is accessible by the Capilano University bus, and there is parking available around the streets and Cap university parking lots. There will be someone at the Jaycee House at all times, so bikes can be left there, but we would probably only be able to fend off one thief at a time, so use at your own risk!


  • 7:30am - Registration for the 5 hour course
  • 8am - Route Planning for the 5 hour course
  • 8:15am - Mass Start for the 5 hour
  • 9am - Registration for the 1.5/3 hour courses
  • 10am - Route planning for the 1.5/3 hour courses
  • 10:15am - Mass start for the 1.5/3 hour courses
  • 11:45am - Finish for 1.5 hour course
  • 1:15pm - Finish for 3 and 5 hour courses

Safety Precautions:

We're still figuring out whether we're going to put out a water station and whether the taps have been turned off at Rice Lake, but be prepared to be self sufficient!

Rivers can only be crossed on bridges. Trails are to be used as required.

Roads can only be crossed at marked intersections and sidewalks are to be used at all times if available.


You're probably thinking, "Okay, how much is this epic adventure going to cost me?" Well, we found out the hard way last year that our standard $10 is too cheap as we didn't break even. Because this event is larger than our normal Why Just Runs, we've had to increase the cost of the adult 3 and 5 hour event to $20 to cover costs (see below). However, you have the rock solid GVOC Guaranteethat it will be worth every penny :) Please don't pay us in pennies.


Suunto, has also donated compasses as prizes so there will be a draw at the event to win a new Suunto AIM-6 compass. The new Suunto AIM-6 compasses are specifically designed for sport orienteering and provide an extremely stable, yet fast, needle and navigation aids specifically designed for speed and flexibility. Have to stick around at the end to get the sweet sweet prizes!




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