Organizers: Kate Knapp (Event Director), Nathan Detroit Barrett (Organizer), Safder Raza (Coach), Adam Woods (Coach), Robyn Rennie (Permit), Jules Tough (Membership), Sergio Martinez (Assistant), Erica Lay (Controller), Urs Gruber Schmid (Membership), Ian Leighton (Membership), Ev Cousins (Membership), Kate Knapp (Course Planner)

Map: Robert Burnaby Park

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Hey! It's National Orienteering Week (NOW) and we are celebrating by holding the Junior Orienteering Festival presented by Suunto and our monthly Why Just Run (WJR) at Robert Burnaby Park in Burnaby! Both events are part of the ParticipATION 150 Playlist!

This family friendly park is the perfect spot to celebrate the end of the Spring Sessions for the Orienteering Adventure Kids program located in Vancouver and on the North Shore. Website:

Check out our great sponsor Suunto at their website:

Check out the fun work ParticipACTION is doing to get Canadians active at:


There will be specific courses for youth for the Junior Orienteering Festival. Youth who have participated in OAK in the Spring 2017 Sessions have this event included in the cost of their registration fees.

All youth are welcome whether they have participated in the OAK program this year or not :D There is a $5.00 cost for the registration of new youth for this weekend event and if the whole family is coming out we have a family rate as well!

If you are curious about what course to sign your youth up for please email: for a response from one of our program coaches.


There will be courses for adults and regular GVOC members exactly like a typical WJR. If you are coming with a youth please know that we have flexible start windows that can accommodate parents starting before or after their kids have finished. We do not have child care set up but many parents more than happy to trade watching duties so that everyone may run :D


Will begin at 1300 (1:00pm) Please bring a lunch and stick around to cheer!


Last, but not least, our sponsor, Suunto, has also donated compasses as prizes so there will be a draw at the event to win a new Suunto AIM-6 compass. The new Suunto AIM-6 compasses are specifically designed for sport orienteering and provide an extremely stable, yet fast, needle and navigation aids specifically designed for speed and flexibility. Look for more Suunto sponsored events and chances to win more gear this summer at Stanley Park and in Lynn Valley in December!

Important Information

Which course should I run?

Are you brand new to orienteering? You should probably try the beginner, novice or intermediate courses. If you find it too easy, you can always come back and try another once you're done!

Navigating around the forest is more challenging than most of our Wednesday Evening Training events. Unless you're very confident in your off-trail navigation skills, we recommend you avoid the Elite course!

Beginner - Adults out orienteering for the first time! Simple Navigation
Novice - Moderate Navigational Complexity + Short (Regularly come to WETs but still somewhat new)
Intermediate - Moderate Navigational Complexity + Long (Regularly come to WETs)
Expert - High Navigational Complexity + Shorter (Regularly come to WETs and get to many WJRs)
Elite - Highest Navigation Complexity + Long Run (Regularly come to WJRs)

There may be minor changes to course lengths and climbs but the relative length and difficulty will remain the same.

What time should I be there?

You can start any time between 10am and 11am. Courses close at 1pm - please be back by then so we don't send out a search party for you!

If you're new to the sport and would like some coaching, it helps if you come a little earlier. We'll then be able to talk you through the map, give you some pointers, and still set you off on time.


  • All competitors MUST carry a whistle while on the course. Whistles can be purchased from the registration table for $1.
  • All competitors MUST report to the finish, even if you don't complete your run. Otherwise we'll send out a search party to look for you!
  • Be alert for mountain bikes.


Course Maps

New Youth!

OAK Acorns

OAK Saplings

Great OAKs

Beginner (New Adult!)






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