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Organizers: Kate Knapp (Course Planner), Kate Knapp (Event Director), Alison Schoenhardt (Controller), Alison Schoenhardt (Membership), Graeme Rennie (Assistant), Robyn Rennie (Organizer), Bruce Rennie (Organizer), Ian Saari (Assistant), Ian Collings (Coach)

Map: McCartney Creek

Come over to North Vancouver and enjoy some interesting running at McCartney Creek. We have five classic point-to-point races, with lengths and difficulties to suit everyone, please read the different course descriptions carefully when picking the right course for you. Training is available for those new to the sport, and is included in your entry fee.

Important notes

The park rules prohibit smoking anywhere in the area, including the start/finish area. Please help us continue our good relationship with the park authority and adhere to these rules.

There is also a dangerous creek crossing marked on the map with a purple cross - Only the Elite course will be adventuring out this far. Please respect / avoid this area!

Be aware of cars on the road. 

Please bring a whistle or buy one for $1. Whistles are mandatory at all GVOC events.


  • 10:00am - Registration opens
  • 10:30am - First start
  • 12:30pm - Last start
  • 2:00pm - Courses close. If you are not back by this time we will send a search party out looking for you. You must report to the finish even if you don't complete your course.


McCartney Creek has typical hilly west coast terrain with a dense trail network. Off trail running is often very slow, but there are pockets of open forests. The map shows areas of slow running very accurately. Solid green shades indicate areas of slow running that also have poor visibility due to head high vegetation. The darkest solid green is often uncrossable brambles. The green hatching is indicating areas of slow running due to underbrush, but visibility is good. Some of the trails have become a little overgrown and due to recent heavy rain rather wet. 

Aggressive trail shoes or spikes and full body cover recommended.

Directions / Parking

Head North on BC 1 W (Over the Iron Workers Memorial / Second Narrows Bridge)

Take exit 22B toward Mount Seymour Parkway

Turn right onto Mount Seymour Parkway

Turn left onto Northlands Drive 

Northlands Dr turns into Larkhall Crescent 

On your left along Larkhall Crescent there is parking at the baseball diamond

Event assembly

Once you have parked please, carefully, walk back along Larkhall Crescent to the corner where it meets Northlands Dr. At that corner there will be orienteering signs directing you to the assembly area / start / finish which will be in the forested park. 



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