Organizer: Andrea Balakova (Event Director)

Map: Seylynn

That was a fun start to the Year 2015! 

Following my counts, teams ended up with following points. Hopefully this is close enough to your counts. Bruce and Robyn counted the most steps - 163. Some interesting trash was found - a twin trash item -chocolate milk bottles - at Twin falls, a sock, a gardening sticker indicating that the plant should grow in the Sun (in the middle of the rainforest)...

Everyone was very creative with the tasks - especially the one asking for a biker in mid air.

Adam/Scott - 57 p.

Sergio/Stan/Joanne/Ulrikke - 55 p.

Bruce/Robyn - 52 p.

Brian/ Marg - 50 p.

Graeme/ Kate - 44 p.

Chris/ Maureen - 39 p.

Hilary - 32 p.

Albert/ Graham - 28 p.

Veronica/Charlie/Mylla - 27 p.


Course Maps

New Year's Adventure


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