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Lepidopterist (Mass Start)

Organizer: Nick Harris (Course Planner)

Map: BC Children's Hospital

Primary Organizers:

Event Director/Course Planner: Nick Harris, Membership/Registrar: , Trainer:


Butterflies on BC Children's Hospital.

Extensive construction on the BC Childrens Hospital site is making our map a little out of date. However, through liberal use of the red-striped "Out-of-Bounds" symbol, we can squeeze another event out of it! 

In this WET, any area marked with the "Out-of-Bounds" symbol:

  • Will be out of bounds (forbidden to enter) for the purposes of the event
  • May look completely different from what is shown beneath the red stripe (eg: new buildings, new carparks)
  • May or may not be fenced off


1815 Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

1830 Starts begin for both courses

2000 Course Closure, participants must report to the Finish by Course Closure Time.


Courses are yet to be finalised, but, there will be butterflies*! 

There will be two courses: (1) Shorter/Easier and appropriate for families, (2) Lepidopterist. Mass start at 19:00 for those who are interested.


Safety Precautions:

Remember this is a hospital. Be considerate of the sick and injured. Give them some space - after all, they may be contagious.

Also: Construction areas; Courses cross a number of roads inside and outside the hospital grounds; Poisonous butterflies.

Parking/Start/Finish Locations:


Post-Event Dining:



Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs or would like to organize a WET please let us know.



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