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3hrs Score-O

Organizers: Gilles Delmee (Event Director), Catherine Hoofd (Event Director), Robyn Rennie (Organizer), Bruce Rennie (Organizer), Joanne Woods (Organizer)

Map: Lynn Valley

Thanks to everyone for coming, CONGRATS! Summer was not really gone but you clearly did add volume to your training plan! The quote on the map was a few hours too early but happy we all stayed dry :) 

Special thanks to our wonderful helpers today: Bruce+Robyn, Joanne, Alison, Sergio+Itziar, Mantas, Sergio, Ben, Naayeli, Ian and Andrey and all of you who helped setting up and cleaning the Jaycee house. 

A few pictures:

Hello folks,

“My sweet summer is gone” and it’s time to add some volume to your training plan! Don’t miss this opportunity and join us for the traditional Score-O in North Vancouver. We offer a 1.5 hours and a 3 hours format.

This year we want to spice-up the competition by adding the possibility of doing it as a team. You won’t be running together but actually splitting the work between each team member! This race is also known as the Belgian Chocolate Challenge and we will award some Belgian Sweets to the winners of each race.

Don’t hesitate, just register and read carefully the instructions here below !

Score-O Rules

You (and your team) need to collect a maximum of points within a given amount of time (1.5 or 3 hours). Each control will be worth a fixed amount e.g. controls numbered 31 to 39 will be worth 30 points each, controls numbered 40 to 49 will be worth 40 points each etc and each minute late back will reduce your point total. You will lose 20 points for every minute that you are back late so it isn't worth attempting to get that last control if it means you will be late back.

What’s a team ?

Each member of the team brings points with him according to the following rule:

  • M21 = 3 points
  • M20-W21-W/M35-M40 =  2 points
  • Other categories = 1 point

Maximum 3 runners per team and the total value of the team cannot exceed 4 points! Teams are not mandatory (you can run individually) but strongly recommended if your are aiming for the glory :)

Example of possible team composition

Thomas Oram (M21 =3 points) + Minna Kauppi (W50=1 point)                                     Total(4 points)

Carol Singer (W55 =1 point) + Jack Pott (M50=1 point) + Crystal Ball (W16=1points)   Total(3 points)

Louise Nipen (W21=2 points) + Thierry Georgiou (M35=2 points)                                   Total(4 points) 

Note about categories:

-M20 = men between 18 and 20 year old (this year)

-W/M21 = women/men between 21 and 34 years old

-W/M35 = women/men between 35 and 39 years old

-M40 = men between 40 and 44 years old

How are teams working ?

Only the first three controls (controls A-B-C on the map) and the last three controls (X-Y-Z) need to be visited together by the team. The other controls can be split as you want between the team’s members. You will have to wait for each other at control X, so an optimal distribution of the controls will be the key!

The map will be distributed at the start so route choice and control splitting will be done as part of the total time.

How to register and create a team ?

Just sign in regularly for the competition you want (1.5 or 3 hours) using the website and once you know your team member, send us a email with your lineup ! email:

Please sign-up by Wednesday October 15th

Teams can still be modified up to 15minutes before the start


Start and finish is at Jaycees House on Lilloet Road in North Vancouver - just off the Ironworkers bridge. It can also be reached by the Capilano  University bus.


  • Registration: 9:30am
  • Mass start for 3 hrs course: 10:00am
  • Mass start for 1.5 hrs course: 10:30am
  • Finish for the 1.5 hrs course: 12:00pm
  • Finish for the 3 hrs course: 1:00pm


$10.00 for Adult Members

$15.00 for Adult Non-members (includes a membership fee)

Safety Precautions:

Rivers can only be crossed on bridges. Trails are to be used as required

Roads can only be crossed at marked intersections and sidewalks are to be used at all times if available



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