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Map: Mundy Park

Organiser - Alex Kerr
The Second of our Fall and Winter Series

**Do you realise that Orienteering enhances self esteem, problem solving, decision making, planning, interpretation, self-reliance, social relationships, relocation skills, evaluation of personal performance, independence, memory skills, setting goals, organisation, and concentration, to name a few skills?  **

**Then there is all the other stuff like map reading, navigations skills, exploring new environments, contour interpretation, compass usage, aerobic activity, walking and running etc etc!  What other sports can rival that? 

Let's go!! 

Event ReportMany thanks to everyone for coming. Hope to see you all at the next event on November 14th at Sunnyside Park in Surrey, where the 2004 GVOC Champions will be decided. Courses for all levels will be available.

Check here for details.


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