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Organizer: Mike Rascher (Event Director)

Map: BC Children's Hospital

Primary Organizer:

Michael Rascher


This weeks training event features control picking around Eric Hamber Secondary and BC Children's Hospital. Many controls on a small map. There is more construction than usual around the hospital, but the course has been set to avoid most of that. 


6:30 PM Introduction to Orienteering for Beginners

6:30 PM Starts begin

8:00 PM Course Closure, all participants must report to the Finish by Course Closure Time.


Two courses will be offered, a shorter course suitable for beginners/families and a longer course with trickier control locations.


Safety Precautions:

Wear a headlamp so that you are visible when crossing roads. This might help with reading the map later in the evening.


Parking/Start/Finish Locations:
Meet at the front entrance to Eric Hamber Secdondary School (5025 Willow St).

There is usually lot of parking available on 37th and 33rd.



Without volunteers, these events cannot take place. A hearty thanks to all those helping put this event on. If you would like to volunteer/help at upcoming WETs/WJRs or would like to organize a WET please let us know.



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