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Organizers: Stan Woods (Coach), Joanne Woods (Course Planner), Karen Lachance (Controller), Joanne Woods (Event Director), Victoria Cote (Coach)

Map: Princess Park

The Princess Park WET is a warmup event before our Forest Training series. Similar to the compass bearing training exercise which was done at Blue Mountain park on March 6th, this training event will be a series of five loops/courses with the focus on navigation by reading contours.


There will be 5 loops offered, each approximately 1 km in length and you can do as many of the loops as you choose. Each of the 5 loops will have an easier version and a harder version. The easier version will have the trails on the map (but most of the fences have been removed), and the harder version will have the trails, fences, buildings etc. removed from the map, so only the contours and vegetation will be on the map.

Also, each loop will have a specific type of pin flag. For example one loop will use large pink flags with numbers written on it. Another Loop will use small orange pin flags and another loop orange pin flags with a happy or sad face on it, etc. You will need to confirm you are at the correct control based on the type of pin flag. Many of the features in the park will have pin flags on them, so there may be another pin flag close to the one you are looking for but it will be the wrong color/style of pin flag. Accuracy will be important.

This event will not be timed. Take all the time you need to practice reading the contours and see the features. For safety reasons we will have you sign what time you go out on a course and when you return from each course. Please do this for each loop that you do.

If you want to record your time, bring a watch or a timing device of some sort and record your time for each loop on the sign in - sign out sheet.

Contour Features

Princess Park map has 2 meter contour intervals and a variety of features such as:

a terrace

a spur

a reentrant

a hill

a knoll

a depression

an erosion gully

Note: if the contour lines are 2 meters, the form line contours are ~ 1 meter.

Start Location - the covered picnic shelter in Princess Park. See map below.

Registration - use this link, or click the big green button to register for the event. See who's coming.

Pre-registration is appreciated and we will not guarantee a map for you if you do not register for the event. Registration closes on Tuesday at midnight.

THANK YOU to all previous volunteers!

You may have noticed the decrease in the number of Wednesday training sessions (WETS) lately. The club is run entirely by volunteers and we could certainly use some help. In particular, we need more certified officials to organize these events. The O100 course is an online learning module which will teach you everything you need to know to put on a WET. It is also a good way to improve your own orienteering skills. The Club provides a mentor to guide you through the process.

If you would like to take the free O100 online course, please contact the course manager at to register for the course. If you need more information on this certification process, please contact Marg Ellis at

If you have completed your O 100 course and would like to volunteer for a WET please contact Denis



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