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Course Maps

Loop 1-5

Organizers: Joanne Woods (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Course Planner), Stan Woods (Coach), Robyn Rennie (Controller)

Map: Blue Mountain Park

Blue Mountain Park in Coquitlam is a small park with a variety of playground structures, fields, and sections of open forest. It is a great location to practice the basic orienteering skill of taking a compass bearing and running on the bearing. If you are planning to attend the Forest Training series, this training event will be worth attending.


There will be 5 loops offered, each 1 km in length. Do as many loops as you want. Each loop gets progressively more difficult, so that even experienced orienteers will have a challenge. Also, each loop will have a specific type of pin flag. For example one loop will use large pink flags with numbers written on it. Another Loop will use small orange pin flags and another loop orange pin flags with a happy or sad face on it, etc. You will need to confirm you are at the correct control based on the type of pin flag. Many of the features in the park will have pin flags on them, so there may be another pin flag close to the one you are looking for but it will be the wrong color/style of pin flag. Accuracy will be important.

This will be a self timed event. If you want to record your time, bring a watch or a timing device of some sort and record your time for each loop. If you prefer not to time yourself, that's okay too. Take all the time you need to practice.

Map notes:

1. Picnic tables are marked as "X" manmade features but park benches are not marked on the map.

2. There are several stone/concrete art sculptures in the park. Larger art works are mapped using the "Monuments" symbol whereas smaller ones are mapped using the "boulder" symbol.

Did you know???? On a map a boulder is marked by a black dot

But, on a control description a boulder is marked by a black triangle

Start location

The start location is at the Blue Mountain Picnic Shelter near the tennis courts.


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On the day of the event

Each and every family member who will be attending the orienteering event must fill in a Declaration of Health form. You can find the online form here.

Don't forget to bring a headlamp!


All Wednesday Evening Training events are organized by volunteers and are free for club members. Want to volunteer? Send a message



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