Organizers: Daniel Widmann (Event Director), Ian Collings (Event Director), Ev Cousins (Membership)

Map: Princess Park

Join us for a Sunday social orienteering event at Princess Park! This event is intended to encourage some socialization so bring snacks and hang around for a picnic. The start location is in a grassy area with tree shade and close to washrooms.

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED courses on offer. There will also be a mighty STRING COURSE! This is an orienteering course for younger kids where they can follow a string in the forest to various control points. Yes, lotsa fun :-).

There should be ample parking nearby, we'll meet behind the tennis courts (see the map pin drop).

You must be an active member of an orienteering club in order to participate but a family Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club membership can be set up for only $20. Set yourself up here:

ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT -each and every family member who will be attending the picnic or the orienteering must do a Declaration of Health form. Click here


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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