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King Kong

Chimp (Bonus)

Organizers: Meghan Rance (Controller), Meghan MacLeod (Event Director), Laurent Mingo (Course Planner), Robyn Rennie (Assistant)

Map: Stanley Park

Our final event of 2020 will be another Virtual event with pin flags (as such the event is free) . Flags will be setup on Saturday and collected on Monday so you have all day Sunday to tackle the courses. Please don't touch the flags as you pass by.

Maps will be provided as PDFs upon registration.

Note: The GVOC 2020 AGM will be held as a Zoom session in the evening - see separate event

Please email results to or upload here

Stanley Park. Photo: Getty Images

Courses Description:

4 courses to finish with a bang, 3 of them spread out over 2 maps with different scales! Route choices, and precise navigation to controls on longer courses

  1. Bonobo : 3.2km, 40m climb, focus is on route choices with few short sections through easy open forest. This course is a subset of the Gorilla and King Kong courses hence the dash line from control 8 to 19. Map is 1: 5000 scale. Intermediate level course mostly in open parks.
  2. Gorilla: 7.5km, 75m climb, an extension of Bonobo with > 1km legs with route choices to get you thinkin' . Dash line from 10 to 14 to 17 is your way for this course. Maps are 1:5000 and 1:10000. Expert level course due to overall distance, route choices, and final control locations
  3. King Kong: 11.5km, 150m climb, extension on Gorilla course with more long legs, route choices, and precise navigation close to the controls. It will likely be around 12-13km when all said and done assuming you optimize the route choices... Maps are 1:5000 and 1:10000. Elite level course. Don't forget to keep your mind sharp on these long legs.
  4. (Bonus) Chimp: 3.5km, 70m climb, For a taste of the Elite course without the distance. Can be done on its own or after Bonobo & a break for instance. Expert Level. Maps is 1:7500. Note different parking location for this course, at Prospect Point picnic area.

The Bonobo/Gorilla/King Kong maps are Letter size and print on a single double-sided sheet. Chimp is a separate print.


  • Start and finish is at the fountain in front of the aquarium for Bonobo/Gorilla/King Kong.
  • Start and finish are at Prospect Point picnic area for Chimp
  • Gorilla & King Kong courses cross the Stanley Park Causeway.
    • Please use the overpasses or underpass to cross the Causeway.
    • It is permitted to use the sidewalks along the Causeway.
    • Watch for cyclists on this shared sidewalk, and on some of the main trails in the park as you are at it.


Because our insurance policy requires that everyone who participates in a GVOC event is a member of the club, please email for a copy of the event map.


that these events are to be run/walked individually obeying all the social distancing recommendations currently in place. However, for your personal safety please let somebody know where you are and what you are doing. These are not sanctioned events; we don't retain any liability for participants. This is a do it at your own risk, training suggestion.

Ignore the cost section below, as a virtual event, this WJR is free.



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