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Organizers: Kate Knapp (Event Director), Joanne Woods (Membership), Karen Lachance (Membership), Robyn Rennie (Organizer)

Map: Pacific Spirit Park

Thank you all for ENTHUSIASTICALLY participating in today's modified event!

Hello GVOC Community!

A last minute change of plans. Our permit for South Surrey Bike Park never came through (darn!) so we are having a change of event/venue for November but hopefully, we will be able to bring you out to South Surrey Bike Park in the New Year!!

Instead, we will be hosting a more informal club run style event with pin-flags and a start and finish punch. Each pin flag will have a letter and whoever can spell the longest word (correctly!) will have eternal bragging rights!


There is ONE WORD that uses all the letters on the course!


You may only visit each letter once! For example, if you have already been to one 'A' and you need a second 'A' you will have to run to another 'A' on your map.

Only standard English scrabble approved words will be allowed. So if you'd like to argue for your word come armed with a dictionary haha

Start Location - Along 16th at the Pacific Spirit Regional Park Office. Park your vehicle along 16th Ave. The pin on the map below is at the correct location!



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